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On wednesday the 15th of May, GAIN celebrated the event “Design, good practices, action proposals and SME support”. The aim of the event was to present the pilot action that GAIN has developed to support 25 SMEs in the development of new innovative products and services through the use of user-centered design tools.

More than 30 people attended to this session, where three small but well known galician companies shared their experience using design, serving as an example of good practices for those companies interesting in participating in the pilot.

The goal of this pilot is to bring user-center design tools for 25 SMEs in Galicia so that they can adapt to the new context and to the demands of their clients.

In the first stage of the pilot GAIN will analyse the state of each participant SME in order to become concious of its starting point, using the DDC design ladder as a referent. The objective is to explore how each company uses the design of products and services and to suggest improvements to generate more value in their markets, to detect new business opportunities and to get more profitability in their innovation processes.

Customized contents and materials will be developed for these SME by identifying concrete measures or relevant improvement lines that define a new horizon where design will become a pillar to support their business success.

The group of participating companies will be monitored in order to know the implementation degree of the recommended measures and their level of satisfaction. The experience obtained with this pilot will serve as the basis to design new support actions.

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