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Scottish Enterprise by Design Programme

Scottish Enterprise’s approach to User Factor is to evaluate their current By Design grant (between 2017-2019) in order to increase grant engagement and improve the experience for participant companies and support agencies.

The By Design grant (2015-ongoing) aims to attract new SME’s to Scottish Enterprise and support them in using design to develop new or improved products and services, that meet their customers needs. It takes the risk out of the first investment in design for businesses.

The grant is offered online and provides a contribution of up to 70% of project costs (excluding VAT) to a maximum of £5000.

Scottish SME’s, support agencies, innovation advisors within Scottish Enterprise will be involved in activities throughout the project, enabling them to get first hand experience of a service design and user-driven approach. The project will involve the following stages:


Design and issue survey to 400 Scottish SME’s that have participated in the by Design programme. A second survey will be issued to over 100 supplier agencies.


Phone interviews with selected companies to understand their journey. This will be followed up with some journey mapping workshops with companies and innovation specialists.


Produce case studies and agree recommendations


Actions for implementation and prototyping will be identified.

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