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Bringing Creativity to Business

PDR via the User Factor project aims to bring design thinking and creative policy to small and medium sized business throughout Wales. The support will consist of workshops, research and ideation with the aim of developing new or renovated offerings small businesses can offer consumers. Whilst doing this we will aim to demonstrate the value of integrating the design process with day to day operations and the development of new products.

The timeline of support will be as follows;

A goal setting workshop – where we discover the needs of the business and introduce design thinking concepts including research, analysis and ideation.

Active Support – This section of support contains between 5 – 8 days bespoke support for the business, this could be in the form of user research, ideation or workshops. Whatever will best suit the needs of the business.

Final stages – This last part of the support will involve the writing of an in depth design report which will function as an instructional or guide on how to perform the process themselves in future projects.

We hope that this practical ‘first hand’ support will help businesses not only develop new offerings but spread design thinking and the design process as a principle and ethos amongst businesses across sectors and sizes in doing so providing lasting value as well as immediate.

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